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Our designers have many years of experience in designing, building and commissioning industrial installations. We specialize mainly in the refining and petrochemical industries, storage bases as well as the shipment of petroleum products.

We conduct all design work in an integrated design environment. We currently use two Intrgraph platforms for concurrent design - PDS and SmartPlant® Enterprise.

We use both platforms to create 3D models of process installations. In addition, we use programming to analyze the flexibility of pipeline systems:

  • CAESAR II v 5.2 – COADE company,
  • AutoPipe v 8 – Bentley company,
  • VVD  v 10 – OHM-TECH company.

We offer:

  • design:
    • of refining and petrochemical installations,
    • of energy installations,
    • of the installation of the chemical industry,,
    • of the installation of the environmental protection,
    • of fuel terminals,
    • of long-range pipelines,
    • of rustproofings,
    • of heat-insulating and low temperature insulations,
    • of assembly and disassembly difficult operations.
  • a comprehensive summary of planned investments expenses,
  • carrying commissioning documentation for Notified Bodies, UDT, ZDT, TDT,
  • registration of documentation,
  • leading author's and investment supervisory bodies,
  • preparing documentation and materials for requests for quotation,
  • leading investment supervisory bodies, as the substitute investor,
  • advisory and consulting of business.

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Piping Department participated in the following work:

•    installation of hydro-desulphurization of diesels – HON V,
•    installation of Ether of Methyl-Tert-Butyl,
•    installation of the Tubular and Stackable Distillation (fractional distillation) – DRW II,
•    installation of desalting of the sea water (together with Snamprogetti),
•    installation of the Tubular and Stackable Distillation (fractional distillation) – DRW VI (together with Snamprogetti),
•    installation of the Hydrocracking in Gdańsk (together with Snamprogetti),
•    installation of  Tubular and Stackable Distillation – DRW III (together with FLUOR S.A.),
•    installation of the Oxidization of Asphalt,
•    modernization of stock bases for ORLEN.,
•    project of assembly works organizing – Reactor R-201 – Możejki,
•    installation of desulphurization of steam-cracked naphtha (cracked petrol) – OBK (cooperation with FLUOR),
•    project of assembly work organizing – Regenerator R-202 – Możejki,
•    cooperation with ORLEN at the completion of big investment undertakings,
•    piping service during capital works in Możejki,
•    participation in the modernizations for Basell ORLEN Polyolefins.
•    design and turnkey construction of biofuels for fuel on-line composition and their expedition, 
•    modernization of installation in heavy oil plant in Elektrociepłownia Bydgoszcz,
•    facilities associated with installation of Paraxylene in ORLEN,
•    torch for Paraxylene installation in ORLEN,
•    installation of petroleum desalting in KRNiGZ Dębno, 
•    OxyClausa installation.

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