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Sanitation, Environmental Protection

We have been cooperating with ORLEN and other investors for over 37 years. We use modern CAD designing software: Microstation, Kankan and STC. We employ designers with high professional qualifications and extensive experience in design and implementation.

Our offer:

  • design documentation for:
    • complete technological installations in the range of water-sewer,
    • industrial waste water treatment plants,
    • sanitary sewage treatment plants,
    • storage and cleaning of surface waters,
    • production of process water from sewage and rainwater, 
    • pretreatment for serwage,
    • installation of chlorination plant according to infrastructure,
    • installation for chlorine dioxide,
    • water reticulation,
    • sewer system: industrial, sanitary, precipitation,  
    • pump station for sewer system and industrial waste water, 
    • municipal and industrial waste reception,  
    • waste disposal, 
    • development of green areas, 
    • internal sanitary installation, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating for all types of buildings, 
    • gas and oil boiler room, 
    • water blocks with pumping station,  
    • reservoirs, 
    • encapsulation of places of the trans-shipment of dangerous substances,
    • draining of roadbeds with systems of separation,
    • overground, underground containers and pumping stations of water (fire-prevention),
    • overhead and underground technological pipeline made of plastic,
    • drainage systems,
  • overseeing the design, 
  • development of – widely understood – concepts, 
  • technical analysis, expertises and scientific opinions.

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W wieloletnim dorobku naszego działu znajdują się:

  • PT of economic usage of waste in Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN awarded a gold medal on Brussels Innova Competition”  – "Brussels Eureka - 97", 
  • PT of hydroelectric power plant on sewage interceptor for Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN, 
  • modernization with encapsulation of waste equalizer, 
  • projects of modern renovations of sewer systems by trenchless technology method,
  • Installation of Oily Land Biological Regeneration on area of 5000 m2 with accompanying buildings and stock of clean ground in it on area 15000 m2, 
  • PT of the modernization of water blocks and networks of circulating water,
  • PT of the water-sewage economy of the Park of Containers of petroleum products. This solution enabled to use purified water finally on the root filter for returning as economic water for the Unit
  • HON V installation (hydrodesulphurization desulphurizing diesels – in water-sewer networks,
  • landfill site for ORLEN for 170 000 m3 capacities,
  • installations of the chlorination Plant and storage containers of chlorine – two modern production lines of chlorinated water used for stopping biological living in systems of industrial water (of cooling water, fire-prevention water, economic water) in Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN with the total productivity 93m3/h and one line for treating the drinking water,
  • ZTE and technical projects of new investments in Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN concerning water-sewage economy and the environmental protection,
  • PT of inside plumbings, central heating, mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning in administrative-social buildings, switch chambers, control rooms,
  • PT of oil boiler rooms, 
  • PT of the pumping station of fire-prevention waters along with sprinkling and foaming agent,
  • PT of the pumping station of slurry with mechanical pretreatment for serwage,
  • PT of water-sewer networks for fuel bases,
  • underground water-sewer nets for the installation: 
    • Isomerization of C5-C6, 
    • Distillation of crude DRW VI, 
    • Distillation of crude DRW III, 
    • for Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN, 
    • Isocracking for Rafineria Gdańsk;
  • PT in water-sewer networks for II Claus – installation protecting against emission of sulphur compounds,
  • PT of water-sewer networks and internal installations for municipal sewage treatment plants for the city of Płock.

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