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We provide design services and solve complex technical issues in the field of chemical technology.

The department employs designers with extensive professional experience in solving complex technical issues in the field of chemical technology. We carry out our works in accordance with accepted standards, national and European Union regulations, and good engineering practice. We design based on tools such as Microstation Power Draft, SmartSketch, PDS by Intergraph, ChemCAD, Pro II, PRO-MAX, Sulsin and our own software.

We offer:

  • projects of refining – petrochemical installation:
    • DRW distillation of crude oil,
    • hydrodesulphurization of diesel,
    • hydrodesulphurization of gasoline fraction,
    • synthesis of methylic-tert-butyl ether (EMTB),
    • recycling of the hydrogen sulphide by Claus method,
    • desulphurizing and after burning off the gasses after Claus process according to Hydrosulfreen technology,
    • intensification of the installation of the extraction distillation of the secretion of butadiene from C4 fraction,
    • base of fuels with the protection against fire,
    • the installation of composing and the shipment of biofuels,
    • petrol stations,
    • pipeline transport of petroleum and derivatives of petroleum,
    • filling terminal of petroleum products into rail tank wagons and automatic tanks,
    • storing and filling terminals of asphalt into rail tank wagons and automatic tanks;
  • handling of the completion of technical designs of all refining – petrochemical installation:
    • carrying out complete procedural and technological documentation of projects,
    • designing the modernization, the intensification and the extension of production installations and stock – expeditionary terminals in bases of fuels,
    • coordination of technical designs carried out by foreign contractors,
    • giving an opinion on complete made documentation by foreign contractors,
    • giving an opinion concerning project offer for base projects of refining – petrochemical installation, 
    • adapting technological-measuring outlines to domestic needs,
    • building in new production installations into the existing structure of plants,
    • analysis and expansion programs in refining – petrochemical industry,
    • programmatic – spatial approaches of investment execution of tasks along with the assessment of the costs,
    • analysis of operations of blow down gasses and flares,
    • analysis of securities against exceeding parameters,
    • encapsulation of the operation of the trade in hydrocarbons along with recovering or the recycling of mists,
    • reports of the environmental impact and projects from the scope of the environmental protection,
    • complete manuals for the installation: technological, workplace instructions, instructions of the HSW, environmental protections, fire regulations, instructions of the use, instructions of the start-up,
    • study of threats and HAZOP operational capacities and projects from the procedural margin of safety,
    • projects of the zone classification to threaten with the outburst,
    • documentation of the Chemical Rescue, Materials to the Plan of the Fire Defence,
    • supervision documentation for UDT needs and ZDT,
    • design service of the completion of implementations and the modernization of refining-petrochemical installations and streamlining conclusions,
    • updates of procedural documentation, technological-measuring schemes and the set of the instruction.

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We took part in designing installations for which base designs were provided by well-known foreign companies such as:

  • UOP – USA,
  • LURGI – Germany,
  • KTI – Netherlands,
  • TECHNIP – Benelux,
  • TECHNIP – Italy,
  • Tecnimont – Germany
  • WAESCHLE – Germany,
  • FLUOR DANIEL – Netherlands.

Examples of this cooperation:

  • partial technical designs for the installation: HOG-u, DRW VI, Reforming VI, Striping of Sulphated Waters (contaminated with sulphur), Claus, C5 -C6 Isomerization and the modernization and the intensification of the Installation of II Polypropylene,
  • classification of potentially explosive zone for all installation in ORLEN.

  1. Project of the intensification of the Butadien installation II (Extraction Distillation of the C4 popirolytic fraction) in ORLEN – Ssage I and II intensification of the installation, increasing the production capacity and removing “bottlenecks” in the process (EPC realization, 2008),
  2. Technological project of the installation of II Claus (NG) of recycling of hydrogen sulphide gas (EPC realization, 2008-2009),
  3. Projects of objects of the infrastructure of Paraxylene complex (2007-2008) in ORLEN:
    • installation of the new torch for the burn of blow down gasses for the d. C-11,
    • node of degassing adsorbers – Nitrogen Guard Bed NGB (EPC realization),
    • node of adsorption of compounds of chlorine – Reformate Chloride Treaters (EPC realization),
    • node of fractioning aromas (EPC realization),
    • node of removing olefins – of Reduction Olefins Process (EPC realization),
  4. Project of the modernization of the Oxidization of Asphalt – the II Stage, building of new stock of batch goudron, of product asphalt together with filling – expeditionary stations of asphalt to rail tankwagoons and automatic tanks in ORLEN (2001-2003),
  5. Projects of the modernization and increasing the storage capacity and expeditionary in ORLEN Stock Bases: in Gdańsk, Mościska, Świnoujście, Żurawica, Ostrow Wielkopolski (2004-2008).
  6. Project of construction of the Automatic Filling Station (ASN-5) of petroleum products to rail tankwagoons along with the installation of the recycling of mists VRU (2008), 
  7. Projects of the expansion of storage containers and expeditionary for benzene, paraxylene, aromas and fuels and the modernization of storage containers of benzene, goudron, asphalt, petrol and fraction of BTX in ORLEN (2005-2008),
  8. Design and turnkey construction of the installation of bioesters for on-line project and the shipment of biofuels in Stock Bases ORLEN: Nowa Sol, Szczecin, Wrocław,  Sokolka, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Gutkow, Lublin, Bolesławiec, Olszanica (EPC, 2006-2008), 
  9. Large technological projects installation of the recycling of hydrogen sulphide gas VII, VIII Claus and  installation of desulphurizing chimney Hydrosulfreen gasses I and II based on the licence of the Lurgi company, projects of the infrastructure of these installations and expansions of the magazine and the shipment of liquid sulphur in ORLEN (1995- 2000),
  10. The base project, the building project and implementation plans for the structure of the installation of desalting of petroleum in KRNiGZ Dębno PGNiG (2006-2009),
  11. Developing a conception and the technical project of the installation of the dosage of fuel additives to JET A1 fuel in order to fill in aviation fuel in Automatic Station
  12. Modernization project of the installation of crude oil distillation DRW II in ORLEN (1994-1995), 
  13. Projects of the development of infrastructure for new installations of crude oil distillation DRW III i DRW VI in ORLEN (1998-1999), 
  14. Projects of the expansion of desalting node of the petroleum DRW VI in ORLEN (2000),
  15. Designs of installation the dosage of chlorine dioxide to cooling and industrial water in RN Gdańsk Grupa Lotos (2004-2005),
  16. Projects of the modernization of containers with diesel in Stock Base in Mościska (2007)
  17. Project of the modernization of the dosage node of fuel additivies JET A-1 in ORLEN (2006-2008) 
  18. Projects of danger zone classification with the outburst for the majority of production installations in ORLEN and IKS „Solino" , ZCh „Police", waste water treatment plant „Wodociągi Plock", 
  19. Project of heavy oil plant modernization in Elektrocieplownia Bydgoszcz (2006-2007), 
  20. Projects of the optimization of the work installation: Extraction Distillation of Aromas, DRW II, DRW III, hygrogenation of PGH-1 and PGH-2 petrol (2005-2008), 
  21. Technical and Economical Assumption of New installation DRW construction in  RN Jedlicze (2007), 
  22. Coordination of technical implementations of projects made by foreign contractors for the following installations: Isomerization of the C5 fraction – C6, III Polyolefins,  II Hydrogen production, Hydrodesulphurization of HON-VII diesels, HF Alkylation, Paraxylene. 
  23. Coordination of base implementations of projects made by foreign contractors for the following installations: Desulphurization of hydrogenated steam-cracked naphtha (cracked petrol),  Claus VII, VIII, I, II, Hydrosulfreen, 
  24. Reports of the environmental impact for getting the decision on environmental conditioning of investments carried out in ORLEN (2004-2009).

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